About Us

Our Background

The Lightbulb Man specialises in light bulbs and anything to do with light bulbs. The Lightbulb Man currently has two stores and well over 4,000 different light bulbs in stock and a range of light fittings to look after all lighting needs. The Lightbulb Man offers technician services in both the Auckland and Wellington regions that include lamp replacement, lighting installations and general electrical servicing.

Some may wonder how a shop can survive being a specialist light bulb retailer. To answer that question one must take a look at the history of The Lightbulb Man in order to gain some insight of the journey which has lead to The Lightbulb Man to be the company we know today.

The story starts off with a Man named Alan McWilliam (aka the Lightbulb Man). It was from humble beginnings; working from home, and at a small stall at the Station Village Market (now Jenkins Gym) in Lower Hutt that The Lightbulb Man was born. Business went well and this arrangement was soon outgrown so a move to the larger Petone Market (today NOOD) was necessary. With more room for expansion business steadily grew until another move was required. An iconic small shop in Chews lane began a new era.

Chews lane provided a central shop which customers from Wellington could easily access. A unique style that only The Lightbulb Man could conceptualise proved to create an over-whelming reputation amongst many Wellingtonians. Several newspaper articles surveyed the shops uniqueness and passionate ethos driven strategy.

With each move the company has grown; increasing in variety and number of light bulbs, and increasing the number of staff required.

The Lightbulb Man needed to move again to more roomy location on 80a Boulcott St. Finding room for an exiting new range of light fittings and electrical accessories as well as, as our name suggests and what we have always been known for, a HUGE range of light bulbs!

In 2008 we opened a new branch in Petone. This new branch, located at 66 Waione St, allows our customers from further north easier access to us (not to mention easier access to parking). It also serves as a service depot for our service division. Expansion continues as we have opened a new store in Auckland, located at 55 Station Rd, Penrose. Now The Lightbulb Man can provide servicing to both the greater Auckland and Wellington regions.

The Lightbulb Man looks forward to being able to service New Zealand's light bulb replacement needs and hopes to open new stores in the near future.

The Lightbulb Man Core Values

  • Honesty

    Honesty is always the best policy.

  • Customer Service

    We are here to help and love seeing satisfied customers.

  • Team Player

    We are all on the same team striving towards a shared vision. Together we can achieve more.

  • Communication

    Sharing information and insight frequently and constructively managing tough situations with professionalism.

  • Win:Win

    Bringing out the best in each other and creating strong and successful working relationships. Focussed on a win-win approach to business and relationships.

  • Passionate

    We love what we do, and it shows! Our enthusiasm and excitement is contagious to not only our colleagues but our customers too.


  • Installation of Light bulbs

    We install light bulbs for FREE! You just pay for the bulbs. ($40 minimum charge applies see our installation policy for more detailed information).

  • Regular Maintenance checks to suit your needs

    One of our technicians can periodically replace light bulbs at your premises as required.

  • Electrical Services

    We have registered electricians on staff who can assist you with electrical services.

  • Lighting Consultants

    We provide expert advice on lighting, light fittings and light placement. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

  • Orders delivered directly to your door no matter where you are.

    Our business is lighting. So when it comes to freight, what it costs us is what is will cost you. We deliver anywhere including post office boxes and private bags. Any order exceeding $200 freight is completely free.

  • Fitting Repairs

    Have a light fitting that you really love but it's broken? Don't fret, we can fix light fittings. Bring it in for us to take a look at.

  • Free Quotes

    Want to know how much a job will cost you before it gets started? We give free quotes for any job, no matter what the size.

Our People

  • Mobile: +64 274 444 140
    Email: alan.mcwilliam@lightbulbman.co.nz

    Alan McWilliam

    Light Bulb Guru

    The Lightbulb Man himself. Owner and manager. Over 20 years experience in the lighting industry. The resident light bulb expert.

  • Mobile: +64 275 654 177
    Email: corey.mcwilliam@lightbulbman.co.nz

    Corey McWilliam

    Systems Deployment Manager

    Corey is looking after the implementation of our product database and stock system. Drawing on his experience working at various retailers throughout New Zealand and his studies at Canterbury University Corey brings expertise in economic re-order points, kazian thinking and generally improving our systems to help us get lamps to you as soon as possible.

    Outside of work Corey enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and Chess.

  • Mobile: +64 276 755 924
    Email: craig.harrison@lightbulbman.co.nz

    Craig Harrison

    Lighting Technician

    Mr Fix it. What more can be said! Craig has been with the Lightbulb Man for several years now, a vital member of the team.

    Outside of work Craig loves the outdoors. Craig loves fishing, snow boarding and anything that involves getting close to nature.

  • Mobile: +64 21689 580
    Email: craig.mcwilliam@lightbulbman.co.nz

    Craig McWilliam

    Director of Sales and Business Development

    Approachable for all most all concerns but especially when concerning legal/telephony/information management/accounting issues or any situations where Alan is unavailable.

  • Mobile: +64 272 555 799
    Email: janene@lightbulbman.co.nz

    Janene McWilliam

    Office Manager

    She describes herself as "every-one's PA". A vital member of the team! Keeping us on budget and paying the bills.

    Janene is the "Camp Mother" of The Lightbulb Man. The fact that she is the Mother of Craig and Corey Mcwilliam must have something to do with it.

    Outside of work, Janene is passionate about her family and loves to spend time with them. She is also an avid netball follower and will give anyone a run for their money in puzzles, crosswords or sudoku.

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