By now it is assumed you know something about The Lightbulb Man. If you don't - where have you been? If would like to find out more about us take a look here.

So you want to be a lighting superstar?

Currently The Lightbulb Man is searching for the right kind of people to join The Lightbulb Man Group. Below you will find some key benefits of joining The Lightbulb Man Group and a bit about what it is like to be apart of. Hopefully this will give you a good indication as to whether you will fit in snugly here at The Lightbulb Man.

Work for yourself, not by yourself

Starting a franchise is more than a job, it is starting your own business with all the resources and support of a well established group behind you. Plus a well established and recognised Brand: "Light it Up with The Ligthbublb Man".

The Lightbulb Man Group consists of two main divisions. A retail division and a service division. A franchise can include one or both of these divisions.

Service Division

The service division of The Lightbulb Man focuses on the installation of Light Bulbs. Our tag-line is "FREE Installation of Light Bulbs - You just pay for the bulbs". This is possible due to the high volumes of light bulbs we turn-over each year, giving The Lightbulb Man Group some pretty spectacular prices for bulbs. We supply bulbs at retail prices for customers which can be found at our constantly updated site:

The Lightbulb Man Group has a significant number of contracts with national retailers and nation-wide commercial entities of whom many are waiting for us to open up in further locations so they can have all of their branches serviced by The Lightbulb Man!

We also have registered electricians employed and require at least one per franchise in order to provide full blown electrical services where required.

If you are an electrician looking to start out on your own but don't want to concern yourself with setting up all the accounting, systems and marketing required to be able to facilitate such, you are someone we would love to talk with.

Retail Division

The Lightbulb Man Group has retail divisions across New Zealand which stock thousands of different light bulbs. Franchise opportunities exist to join our network of retail outlets.

We provide retail outlets with the support and knowledge that comes with over 20 years experience in the retail lighting industry. This includes stock systems, POS systems, access to great prices and an extremely wide range of products (The Lightbulb Man is New Zealand's widest stocked lighting retailer). It is often useful to combine a retail and service division allowing the retail division to be the base of the service division's operations and allowing for easier access to products required for servicing.

Advantages to Franchisees

What advantages are there to Franchisees? I hear you ask. Well below are some of the most attractive incentives.

  • A highly visible and industry recognised brand name

    The Lightbulb Man as a brand has operated for over 15 years and has come to be well known for its extremely diverse range of light bulbs and extraordinary service.

  • Guidelines detailing and supporting every aspect of your business

    Over the years The Lightbulb Man has learnt a couple of things, mostly from getting lots of stuff wrong, while we are constantly improving - we do feel like we have got somewhere and have noted how that came about. Hopefully allowing us not to make the same mistakes twice!

  • The combined purchasing power of a nationwide franchise group

    We sell a tonne of light bulbs here at The Lightbulb Man (literally). Funnily enough that makes them pretty darn cheap. Not only do we purchase light bulbs at fantastic prices but together we also get great deals on loads of cool stuff. When we get together we can throw our collective weight around - and while our name suggests we are light, let me tell you one thing, we are not (that light thing only applies to us being bright which, of course, we are brilliant at).

  • All the marketing resources of the The Lightbulb Man Group

    It takes lots of time and effort to brand an image. Logo's, reputation, websites, print media, and all the rest - you don't need to worry about it, we have it covered. (yes we did hear you say 'cheers guys', and our response is 'no worries mate - that's what we are here for!').

  • Ongoing training and information into the latest technologies

    You can always learn something new. We have the top guys in the industry, we like to call them 'Light bulb Gurus' and for stuff that we aren't experts in, we outsource - so we can always be at our best.

  • Access to our systems and distribution/dispatch centre.

    The Lightbulb Man is pretty proud of our world class telephony, customized dispatching and ordering systems. And of course all of this is integrated within our comprehensive website.

Attractive Attributes of Franchisees

Below are a couple attributes that are essential to success when starting your own business, these include:

  • A strong belief in customer service

    Customers are our primary focus. We have a loyal customer base and it is our duty to cater to their needs.

  • Great organisational, management and communication skills

    These are a necessity - for the daily operations and for dealing with staff and organising rosters. To be successful in business it is essential to share information and insight frequently and constructively. Managing tough situations with professionalism is essential.

  • Integrity and Ethics

    Trust is the cornerstone and foundation of business and business relationships. Honesty is always the best policy.

  • Personality and Passion

    It might be hard for some to understand, but here at The Lightbulb Man we are passionate about light bulbs and lighting in general. People come to The Lightbulb Man for a reason, and part of that reason should be you!

  • Basic accounting and financial knowledge.

    To be able to undertake to run your own business you will ideally have some understanding of financial planning and control.

Available Franchise Territories

Currently the following territories are available for franchise opportunities:

  • North Island
    • Northland
    • Waikato
    • Bay of Plenty
    • Central Plateau
    • East Cape/Hawkes Bay
    • Wairarapa
    • Wanganui/Manuawatu
    • Taranaki
  • South Island
    • Nelson/West Cost
    • Otago
    • Southland


If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us.